Chrome Diopside(Siberian Emerald) in China Market

1. Loose Chrome Diopside for Ring/Pendant Retail Price: Weight of 4-6ct, A Color, 100 - 800RMB/ct without brand(15 - 120USD/ct)

2. Popularity: Chinese people begin to know it since early 2010s

3. Companies and Brands: a few merchants work on Chrome Diopside.

4. Consumption Market: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and more large wealthy cities.

5. Preference in China: consumers accept different quality in different price.

If you are a miner or dealer in Chrome Diopside mineral business, and want to wholesale raw Chromian Diopside to China market at a nice price quickly. Please contact me. I am a rough gemstone broker, have good relation with many Chinese buyers who do Chrome Diopside jewelries, they need bulk quantity, repeat order each month for long term.
Welcome Rough Chrome Diopside Miners and Dealers from Siberia Russia.